I was born in the Netherlands in a small town, since my early chilhood I've been inspired by Art, especially by the great master of the Middle Ages, I am self-taught in the field of art learned through curiosity and a very strong will, at the age of 13 I discovered the Airbrush and has become indispensable for me, creating art is timeless and each piece of art I create becomes a print from my soul, with love, always!

Coincidence does not exist, just like time and space we are always in the here and now.

"If things doesn't work the way you want, it will works the way it goes "



As a member of the earlier EAA, European Airbrush Association, awards for freehand Airbrush work.


Acknowledgements in the media in The Netherlands and Norway.

Certified paint speciallist within car-automotive, furniture and Design and industrial branche of industry.


July 2018

Graduated as Graphic Designer at Norof School of technology and Digital Media.

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